A Tribute to Glenwood Romelle Floyd

by Herbert E. Brown and Rosetta Brown

Glenwood Romelle Floyd, 60, of Richmond, departed this life on Dec. 29, 2011. He was preceded in death by his parents, Carl Washington and Ethel Jearlean Floyd.

Our friend Glen was a wonderful guy who was larger than life.  He was so giving and loved around the world. His word was his bond.  I have known Glen 3 decades.  He was an intellectual genius who earned a master's in computer science, and was an exceptional computer programmer.  He was an avid Ziegler magazine reader.

His passion was advocating for the rights of people who were blind/disadvantaged.   He was a long-time devoted member of the American Council of the Blind.  Glen served as president of ACB's Old Dominion Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired and of the local Richmond chapter. He received many prestigious awards and accolades, and was the recipient of a letter from Gov. L. Douglas Wilder of Virginia, commending him for outstanding services rendered.

So long, my old friend.
 -- Herbert E. Brown

I first met Glenwood Floyd in the summer of 1974.   Glen was always ready, willing, and able to assist me with problems I had with my studies.  He was so mild-mannered, clear-thinking, and patient with me that we became best friends.

We often discussed our jobs, families, and issues in the blindness community.  Glen was absolutely one of the most intelligent, level-headed, and compassionate people that I've ever had the privilege to know, and this world will definitely be a much poorer and sadder place without him.  So long, my good friend.  I hope to see you again in that celestial place where we will never grow old, where sickness will have no power to cause suffering, and death no dominion.

We thank Loretta Lynn Michaud and Jackie Higgins, caretakers for Glen during his final illness. Loretta Lynn said, "Mr. Floyd was a wonderful person." She told us that his last words were, "It's OK. I see my mama."

A Tribute of Love and Honor
Glen, if only I had known your time was near,
I would have been there to bring you comfort and cheer.
To all of us your life and times are so dear
Which causes me to stop to shed a tear.

I know you are at peace
Now that all pain and suffering has ceased.
You stepped into the heavenly dimension
No more to be burdened by life's tension.

I gotta let you go
Home with Jesus, I know,
Now I release your spirit and soul 
To walk streets of shimmering gold.
-- Rosetta and Carl Brown